Sharing faith experiences is basic to the fellowship life of a Christian congregation. Some churches do that well. Others have a heritage where such sharing stays shallow.

In recent decades many congregations sought to address this need with small group fellowships. Some do it well. Most struggle to include more than a small percentage of the congregation.

Virtual Church Fellowship (VCF) provides an opportunity for participants in a congregation to share experiences online without arranging to be face-to-face at the same time and place. Out of such online sharing may well emerge new friendships and encouragement.

VCF is different from other social media conversations in these basic ways:

  1. The conversation is done only among participants in the same congregation, so they have the opportunity to develop deeper relationships in other activities of the church. 
  2. The online sharing is moderated by a trusted leader of the church to ensure that all conversations remain positive and offer encouragement. All comments must go to that church’s moderator for approval (and editing if necessary) and then the moderator will post once-a-week posts those that support faith-based fellowship.
  3. The VCF platform features three kinds of conversation: a participant’s new faith insights, his or her sightings of the Spirit at work in their personal and church life, and reactions to recent emphases of their congregation.

The programming behind this VCF at www.virtualfellowship.church is offered free.  There is a first-time administrative charge of $400 to make it specific to that congregation and then a yearly maintenance charge of $200.