How It Works

Getting Started

  1. To apply as a participating church email your request to David Luecke at: This added dimension to your congregation’s life will not be set up without the pastor’s endorsement.
  2. Designate your church’s Discussion Moderator. For more about the role of the moderator, click here.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the four kinds of postings basic to this Forum:
    • Personal Faith Insights
    • Reactions to Church Emphases
    • Sightings of the Spirit
    • Looking for Encouragement
  1. We suggest that once your account is set up, the moderator should write and post his/her own stories for each of these four categories, so your congregation’s users understand what you are asking for.
  2. To provide more examples, start by inviting four or five others in your congregation to make postings and invite them to comment on your posts. This will start the “conversation.”
  3. Exercise initiative in asking specific participants to contribute to the forum.
  4. If you have questions or want advice, please email David Luecke at
  5. Pray for God’s blessing on this new form of church fellowship.

The programming behind this VCF at is offered free.  There is a first-time administrative charge of $400 to make it specific to that congregation and then a yearly maintenance charge of $200.

Introducing VCF to Your Congregation

  1. We recommend you announce the program to your congregation only after you have the site up and running with three or four examples of each kind of posting.
  2. Begin with a group of three or four other participants, including the pastor.  Familiarize yourself with the website and types of entries.
  3. Expand your initial group to ten or twelve others so you have a strong core with many examples.  These will help promote the new kind of fellowship.
  4. For publicity, write up your own description of what you are trying to accomplish with this online community in your congregation. Reference info found in the FAQs sections of the website.
  5. Announce this new opportunity for the online community to the congregation only when everything is working well.  Be ready to have members of your core group help members find the website and understand how it works.
  6. Pray for God’s blessing on this new form of fellowship in your congregation.