Moderator’s Role

Virtual Church Fellowship (VCF) provides for online congregational sharing of insights and observations about personal Spiritual journeys. The website provides a simplified way to do such sharing. How much it is used depends on congregational leaders who view the promotion and guidance of such sharing as a ministry. The role of moderator can be shared among a few leaders, working closely with the pastor and is key to the effectiveness of this online community in a specific congregation.

The moderator will:

  1. Review all content to be sure all comments are positive and encouraging.
  2. Check for new story submissions, review, and approve the stories which will post them to the website.
  3. Check for confidentiality issues.
  4. Approve the comments which will post them to the website.
  5. Reach out to encourage new participants to get involved.

An online community is most effective when participants have something to react to. The moderator would choose what to feature. This content can be the congregation’s weekly sermon, some other series of themes, or a blog that is offered on The moderator can summarize content if necessary and highlight questions for reaction and discussion.