Lead Questions

Lead questions to help you find a personal story

New Faith Insights
into your faith life

  • What has been your personal spiritual journey—times when you were far from God and then closer.  What brought you closer?
  • In recent years have you had new insights into your relationship with God?
  • Have certain Bible passages taken on new meaning for you lately?

Reactions to Recent Church Emphases

  • Did something in worship or a sermon stimulate you?
  • Did a recommended reading, class or exchange spark new insights and energize you to reach out to others?
  • Did you have a reaction to a church program or sermon series that you want to share?

Stories of the Spirit
changing lives and stimulating relationships

  • Have you recently experienced more fruit of the Spirit like love, joy, peace and trust.  What happened?
  • Have you ever felt called by God to do a ministry you enjoyed?
  • Where have you observed the Spirit at work calling, enlightening and making others more Christ-like?

Looking for Encouragement

  • Is something happening in your life that others could help you with?
  • Are you looking for advice on a problem you are dealing with?